Sandwiches of Puerto Morelos

After a morning spent lounging on the beach, you’ve probably worked up an appetite. What’s there to eat that can make both you and your travel companion(s) happy? How about a sandwich or torta from one of the local lunch spots!

With a surprisingly diverse mix of restaurants for a small town, Puerto Morelos has a variety of sandwich options from the healthier, vegetarian sandwiches to the always filling Mexican-style tortas.

Here are a few of our favorites:

La Chona

Located near the Super Aki grocery store, Chona has both dine-in seating and a delivery service. It offers up some loaded traditional tortas with enough protein to get you through the rest of your day.

However, quantity is far from their only positive quality. These large sandwiches use delicious bread and tasty meat (try the Pollo Especial).

We have the menu in our take-out booklet in the palapa, so we can put the order in for you!

Chona Pollo Especial
The delicious Pollo Especial in all its glory!

La Guaya

In the mood for something vegetarian? Check out Guaya for some of its delicious eggplant and falafel sandwiches. Freshly made, their sandwiches and salads are well worth the wait!

Fear not meat lovers, Guaya also has you covered with a few tasty sandwiches, including the Currypollo.

When you go to leave, we dare you to not be tempted by the various baked goods at the counter.

Guaya Falafel
The falafel sandwich was so good, we couldn’t resist taking a bite before the picture.


In the same shopping area as Chona and Super Aki, Peekaboo has some delicious sandwiches using the freshest ingredients. Peekaboo isn’t afraid to pair interesting flavors, like its Frances that pairs pear and turkey.

Wash it all down with one of their juices! We especially enjoy the lemonade and chia seed option.

Note that they also have a delivery service, so we can also help facilitate your order.

Peekaboo Turkey-Pear
The Frances keeps creative sandwich eaters happy with its delicious pear and turkey combo!

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