An Authenic Mexican Sunday in Puerto Morelos

Part of the allure of Rancho Sak-Ol’s hometown, Puerto Morelos, is the fact that it has maintained its authentic Mexican spirit all while being a short 20 minute drive from the Cancun Airport. Our guests will often ask for ways to experience Mexican culture and cuisine. What better way to do so than a typical Sunday afternoon?

Mexican culture values spending time with family, so Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to enjoy a nice meal and the beach with family and friends here in Puerto Morelos.

We are located on the Caribbean Sea, so a seafood lunch is the way to go. A few of our favorites, La Petita at La Playita and Pesquero, are consistently busy Sunday at lunchtime (note that lunchtime in Mexico means 2-4pm). Both restaurants are a short taxi, 5-10 minute bike ride or 20-25 minute walk from the hotel.

From ceviches to the whole fish, you can have your seafood craving satisfied surrounded by the vibrancy of Mexicans enjoying their day off. Before your food comes at La Petita at La Playita they will bring out beans, chips, habanero salsa (spicy!!!!), and other “botanas” such as hot dogs in salsa. Careful filling up on these tasty snacks though, because the fish is the best part. It comes served with rice, a salad, and warm corn tortillas. And don’t forget to enjoy a cold beer or one of the refreshing flavored waters (aguas) with your meal!

La Petita at La Playita’s Pescado Empanizado or Breaded Fish (Top) and Pescado al Mojo de Ajo or Fish in Garlic Sauce (Bottom).

If you feel very full and ready for a nap after your meal, look no further than the beach right in front of both restaurants. Either rent a lounge chair from one of the beach bars (some, like My Paradise, just require a minimum drink purchase) or plop down a towel to claim your spot.

No need to bring your own music, as there’s live music at most of the bars along the beach. From there, just soak up the sun and enjoy a margarita along with some incredible people-watching, as tourists and locals mingle on the beach.

Between the beach-goers and the Caribbean Sea there’s no shortage of views on the Puerto Morelos shoreline.

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towel
  • Water
If you don’t want to go into town, you can always enjoy the peaceful beaches away from the crowds right in Rancho Sak-Ol’s backyard.

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