Isla Mujeres

With some of the most stunning beachfront in entire Caribbean, Isla Mujeres is a phenomenal place to spend the day. Good news: the quaint, island-lifestyle can be done as a day trip from Rancho Sak-Ol.

One way to enjoy the island is spending the day at one of the beach bars along Playa Norte, a lovely, busy strip of beachfront. Green Dragon serves healthy food and cheap beers. Like most of the beach bars, there is a fee for the large beds, but the tables in the sand are free!

The view of the ocean and volleyball court from Green Dragon

Once you’re there, you can walk out into the crystal blue water and never have it rise above your waist. The water is a nice, refreshing temperature when the afternoon sun strengthens.

If you’re not one for sitting around at the beach all day, there’s plenty to do on the island. Snorkeling, shopping for local crafts, and beach volleyball are just a few of the activities that you can enjoy on Isla Mujeres.

You can also see more of the island by renting a golf cart, moped, or bike. The island is only 7 km long, so you’ll be able to cruise around and see most of the island. When you get off the ferry, ask the local vendors about their rates for daily rentals.


Where to eat:

  • Rooster: A classic breakfast spot on the island, it’s located a short walk away from Playa Norte. Known for its Egg’s Benedict, the restaurant also serves up some delicious waffle sandwiches. Warning: the Chilaquiles in salsa verde are spicy!

    The Turkey waffle sandwich is delicious!
  • Olivia: Before catching the ferry back to Cancun, check this place out for some awesome Israeli food. It does tend to fill up, so you might want to make a reservation. 

    Mmm the Pastilla is tasty!
  • Quite frankly there’s too many places to list here! The island is full of great food.


How to get there: You have a few options when traveling from Rancho Sak-Ol to Isla Mujeres.

  • Option 1 (95 minutes)
    • Take a taxi to the Puerto Morelos ADO Bus Stop (10 mins)
    • Take the bus all the way to Cancun’s ADO Terminal (55 mins)
    • Take a taxi to Puerto Juarez (10 mins)
    • Ferry from Puerto Juarez to Isla Mujeres (20 mins)
  • Option 2 (65 minutes)
    • Drive or take a taxi to Puerto Juarez and park in the parking garage (45 minutes)
    • Ferry from Puerto Juarez to Isla Mujeres (20 minutes)

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